Tantric Massage London

What is the Tantric Massage London?

The tantric massage is an erotic massage London, recommended to condiment the sexual life of couples. However, you can benefit of the Tantric Massage London in the most exclusivist centres of this kind. Unlike the common massage, this method implies for the masseuse to master some techniques of the Tantric principles. In other words, this type of service combines the sexual and spiritual aspects of massage.

Even if this seems simple, and the majority of masseuses think that their personal charm will be enough for the clients to get over possible flops and mistakes, the experienced men know what to expect from this type of massage. Therefore, here are some simple advices for women that want to take the Tantric Massage London to perfection.

1. Relax the patient

Start by determining your client to relax, especially when we are talking about muscles, and to think only of you. Clients might have different images in their head, usually of other girls, but a great masseuse is the one that is able to make the client to focus entirely. It is important for the client to be “there” in order to feel the real benefits of this outcall oriental massage London. Start with smooth moves, don’t squeeze or punch. Use the fingers, not the palm, and try to touch every point on the back of the client.

2. Focus in the genital area

Once the entire body is relaxed, you can focus on certain areas. Drop your fingers slowly to the genital area. This area is heavily vascular for men, so they can feel intense pleasures even if the sexual organ is not touched. This way, you will be able to simulate the erotic energy. Remember that this type of service is focused on obtaining reactions at the level of energies, and the Tantric Massage London means to obtain mental pleasures before the physical ones.

3. Use lips

Remove the excess oil with a towel, and use your lips to simulate the same area. Remember that you don’t have to touch the sexual organs. This way, the patient would anticipate the moment, and if you are able to prolong it, the sensation will be brought to perfection once you get in that area.

4. Start fractioning

Stop the process. This might provoke a surprise from the client, especially because he would anticipate other types of pleasures. Ask him to turn his face down. Start a vigorous massage of the back. This would take the energies into an important part of the body, allowing the client to feel the sexual energies at a psychological level.

5. Releasing the energies

By now, the client is completely relaxed, and all you need to do is to “draw the conclusion”. Ask the patient to turn his face up again, and start working on the sexual organ directly. As the client would probably not anticipate this technique of the sensual massage, he will feel the perfect release of energies, and he would probably not want to find another masseuse ever again.

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